photo by Raphael Schaller

photo by Raphael Schaller

About Hey You Media

Hey You Media is owned and operated by me, Nicholas Johnson - a lot of my friends call me Nick and have for decades but over the last few years I’ve tried to encourage “Nicholas.” Why? Well, it used to be that the only time I heard “Nicholas” was when I was in trouble - so my logic is partially to do with removing that fear from my life and also partly to make my parents happy. It is the name they picked for me after all!

In 2008 I was let go, technically, along with all the other staff, from a boutique ad agency in Victoria. I was dressed up like a chipmunk at the time (don’t be too perplexed, it was a Wednesday after all. Oh and it was Halloween too). The agency shuttered, along with a lot of other companies around that fiscally frustrating time period.

I knew, however, that I could still do what I did and succeed: deliver design and multimedia skills to help businesses, non-profits and people get the attention they deserved. I wanted to keep helping others tell their story.

So, a few months later I officially launched Hey You Media.

Initially it was just me, a computer and a camera but along the way I partnered with a lot of great freelancers and companies to get the job done.

Through my graphic design and digital media work I’ve been able to work with companies all around the world - from radio stations to governments and from homeless outreach programs to tech startups - it’s be a wide gamut of organizations I’ve been able to help out. It’s also been a pleasure to work on personal projects for people: I’ve done graphic design for weddings, design application booklets for prospective adopting parents, and been a part of design numerous projects for recording artists (including this piece for Fraser Campbell which won an award for best album art in Canada!).

My video work took me to Uganda, Kenya, Haiti and Mexico as I worked with a number of NGOs promoting their work around clean water projects. I’ve hung up my camera, personally, but still collaborate with local shooters to get jobs done for clients - as I very much still love the editing chair and telling a story in the video medium.

It’s been over a decade but I’m still enjoying every second of helping people get the attention they deserve through creative and strategic graphic design and marketing work. Got a question? Connect with me here and find out how I can help you tell your story.