Here’s how you get get the attention you deserve.


Graphic Design

Looking for a logo? Oh ya, I can help. Telling your story starts with a logo and I’ll ensure you’re getting the attention you deserve with on-point, relevant branding. We can work with something you’ve already got, revamp something old, or start from scratch. I can also ensure you’ve got direction on how to use that logo afterwards by creating a logo standards guide (or “Logo Bible” as some call it).

Print Design

Business cards, rack cards, brochures, book covers, banners, posters, vehicle wraps - there’s SO much you can do with print to help promote your company. I’ve helped hundreds of people find the right medium to get the attention they deserve so if there’s something you’d like printed, I can help design and deliver it. Take a look in my portfolio to see an example of the range of products you could leverage for your project.

Traditional and Social Media Marketing

A lot of people think traditional marketing is dead. If that was the case why do you still see Coke or McDonald’s advertisements on buses, in magazine, or on billboards? There’s an impact you can make, and a story you can tell, you just need to know what is the right fit.

Or maybe it is best to work in digital or social media marketing for your company. I’ve worked with groups where the ad spends on Facebook were over seven digits - if you want to, you can spend it! The beauty of a lot of social and digital platforms is how you can target and hone in on a specific audiences. It’s pretty amazing. The kicker is you can also get reliable results and when you see success you like, ads can be boosted on the spot.

Video and Editing Services

It’s been an incredible journey having a camera around my neck for so many years. Working with non-profits and NGOs took me to Uganda, Kenya, Haiti and Mexico to name a few - but I’ve retired the lens now and while I don’t personally shoot projects anymore, I still do a lot of video editing. I have business partners who I work with to shoot your project and I’ll come in, produce and edit it to a final deliverable.

It could be a 30-second commercial, a one minute web promo video, a five-minute documentary or maybe just a ten-second animated intro to a presentation or seminar. If you can seen it on a screen, I can help you create it and get the attention you deserve.